Cohort B Professional Development

Institutes on Beginning Reading (IBRs)

Cohort B Orientation (November 30, 2004)
  • Cohort B Orientation
  • Oregon Reading First and English Language Learners

Cohort B Grant Writing Workshop (January 19, 2005)
  • Cohort B Grant Writing Workshop

IBR I: Selecting a Core Program (June 23, 2005)
  • Institute on Beginning Reading 1: Selecting a Core Program
  • Harcourt Overview Session
  • Houghton Mifflin Overview Session
  • Houghton Mifflin Deep Session
  • Open Court Overview Session
  • Reading Mastery Plus Overview Session
  • Scott Foresman Deep Session

IBR I: The Schoolwide Model (August 23-25, 2005)
  • Day 1: The Schoolwide Beginning Reading Model
  • Day 2: Five Big Ideas of Reading Instruction
     • Houghton Mifflin
     • Lectura
     • Open Court
     • Reading Mastery Plus
     • Scott Foresman 2007
  • Day 3: Foundation of DIBELS and the 90-Minute Block
    • Foundation of DIBELS
    • Foundation of DIBELS and IDEL
    • Mooberry and the 90-Minute Block
    • Oak Grove and the 90-Minute Block
    • Westside and the 90-Minute Block
    • William Walker and the 90-Minute Block

IBR II: Identifying Students Who Need Support and Planning Support
(September 27-29, 2005)

  • Review of Supplemental and Intervention Programs
  • Supplemental and Intervention Programs
  • Usage Guidelines
    • Early Reading Intervention
    • Corrective Reading
    • Horizons
    • Language for Learning and Language for Thinking
    • Phonics for Reading
    • Reading Mastery Classic
    • Read Naturally
    • Read Well
    • Touchphonics
 • Identifying Students Who Need Additional Instructional Support and Planning Support
    • Planning Instructional Groups (Steps 1-3)
    • Planning Instructional Groups (Step 4)

IBR III: Achieving Healthy Grade Level Systems in Beginning Reading
(February 1-2, 2006)

 • Evaluating the Health of a Grade Level System Using Summary of Effectiveness Reports
 • Achieving a Healthy Grade Level System
 • Progress Monitoring: The Link Between Instruction and Reading Proficiency

IBR IV: Evaluating and Planning (Spring 2006)
 • What Are Our Goals?
 • How Are We Doing?
 • How Do We Get There?
 • Breakout Activity: Kindergarten
 • Breakout Activity: First Grade
 • Breakout Activity: Second Grade
 • Breakout Activity: Third Grade
 • Grade Level Action Planning Tool

IBR V: Coaches and Teachers Working Together to Improve Student Outcomes (October 5-6, 2006)
 • Coaches and Teachers Working Together to Improve Student Outcomes
 • Introduction to Lesson Progress Reports
 • Nine General Features of Instruction

IBR VI: Dynamic Vocabulary and Comprehension Instruction with Anita Archer (February 7-8, 2007)
 • Dynamic Vocabulary Instruction in the Elementary School
 • Vocabulary Logs and Practice Activities
 • Comprehension Strategy Instruction: What Should Instruction Look Like?

 • Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades: Before Passage Reading
 • Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades: During Passage Reading
 • Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades: After Passage Reading
 • Scaffolding Reading Comprehension in the Elementary School

IBR VII: Grade Level Team and Early Reading Team Meetings
(Spring 2007)

 • Spring 2007 IBR Preparation: Preparing for GLT and ERT Meetings
 • Grade Level Team Worksheet
 • Grade Level Team Activity Example
 • Early Reading Team Worksheet
 • Summary of Effectiveness Cheat Sheet
 • Summary of Effectiveness Highlighted Cheat Sheet
 • 2007-2008 School Action Plan
 • 2007-2008 Sample Action Plan: Middlebury Elementary
 • Spring 2007 IBR Materials List