Early Reading Team Training (February 2007)

 • Sustaining Reading First Outcomes Beyond Reading First Funding presentation
 • Suggested Reading-Based Hiring Criteria for Leadership Positions in a  Schoolwide Reading Improvement Process
 • Sustainability: Essential Coach Functions Worksheet
 • Planning and Evaluation Tool-Sustainability (PET-S)
 • Appendix: Features that Promote Sustainability of Reading First Results
 • School Level Literacy Plans

  Oregon Department of Education Sustaining K-3 Literacy Momentum   Forum (September 2007)

 • Sustaining K-3 Literacy Momentum presentation
 • Reading First Sustainability Overview presentation
 • District Expectations Checklist
 • Oregon K-3 Literacy Framework handout
 • Literacy Models in C-TAG and Reading First Schools handout

Cohort A District Team Leader Sustainability Meeting (April 2008)

 • Cohort A District Team Leader Sustainability Meeting
 • Feedback from September 2007 Sustainability Meeting
 • District Expectations Checklist
 • Summary of Sustainability Resources handout
 • District Self-Assessment booklet
 • Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework Matrix handout
 • Hillsboro School District Literacy Plan presentation

 Literacy Plan Tools

 Literacy Plan Introduction (Template)
 • Literacy Plan Introduction (Sample)
 • Literacy Plan Details Section (Template)
 • Literacy Plan Details Section (Sample)
 • Hillsboro School District Literacy Plan handout
 • Sample: Alameda Elementary (Spring 2008)

Additional Resources

  • Reading First Support website