Instructional Tools

 Curriculum Maps
 • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade

 Alterable Variables Charts
Version 1
  • Version 2

 CSI Maps
Version 1
  • Version 2

 Instructional Focus Group Plans
  First Grade
  Second Grade
  Third Grade

Planning Tools
Planning Instructional Groups (Steps 1-3)
  • Planning Instructional Groups (Step 4)

Schoolwide Reading Model
Grade Level Reading Action Plan Tool
  • Elements of a Healthy Grade-Level System Checklist
  • Planning and Evaluation Tool-Revised (PET-R)
  • PET-R Action Planning Tool

Observation Tools

Five Minute Observations

  Five Minute Observation Form (Phase 1)
  • Five Minute Observation Summary Form (Phase 1)
  • Five Minute Observation Form (Phase 2)
  • Five Minute Observation Summary Form (Phase 2)


  Non-Observation Form
  • Non-Observation Tracking Form

Additional Tools

  • List of the Nine General Features of Instruction
  • Program Fidelity Checklist