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Oregon Reading First was a state initiative funded by the Federal Government as part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Through this initiative, Oregon schools received support and professional development to help schools achieve the goal of all children being readers by the end of third grade.

The Oregon Reading First Center website will continue to be linked to the website for the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon, so please continue to visit this site and make use of the great resources and tools available.

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For copies of papers presented at the 2010 AERA annual conference, please see:
Making Sense of NWF: Tools for Interpreting Student Performance

National Reading First Impact Study: Interim Report - Critique in the Context of Oregon Reading First
Summary Brief of Oregon Reading First Response
PowerPoint Presentation

For information regarding the impact of Oregon Reading First on English Learners, please see:
The English Reading Performance of English Learners in Oregon Reading First Across Three Years of Implementation (2003-2006)

For Oregon Reading First Impact Data, please see:
Three-Year Report on Oregon Reading First: Impact and Implementation

For a link to the National Reading First Impact Study, please see:
Interim Report

humboldt humboldt

Humboldt Elementary School, in the Portland Public School District, participated in the Reading First initiative from 2003-2008. Learn about their success story in this eight and a half minute documentary, Hope for Humboldt, by Andrea Nowack and Amira Dughiri.

william walker

William Walker Elementary School, in the Beaverton School District, participated in the Reading First initiatve from 2003-2008. Learn about how William Walker has been implementing the components of the Schoolwide Reading Model in this fifteen and a half minute documentary, K-3 Literacy in Oregon: The William Walker Story.

lighthouse Beacon Schools Lincoln Street Elementary, located in Hillsboro, Oregon, was identified as a Beacon School during the Reading First initiative because of it's commitment to and successful implementation of the schoolwide reading model and is still accepting visitors! For more information, please visit our Beacon Schools page.

literacy_framework The Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is now available online! This framework was designed to provide the state, districts, and schools with a strategic "blueprint" of what schools in Oregon need to do to help all students develop key reading skills. For more information on the critical components of the Framework, how to use the Framework, and the supports available at the state, district, and school levels, please visit the Oregon Department of Education website.



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